Font Awesome Icons in Desktop Graphic Apps like Photoshop

In some designs we have prepared, we may need to use icons. For example, we definitely include phone and email icons in a business card design. There are times when we need to use social media icons, when designing a poster or brochure. We can use the icon fonts directly without wasting time searching for the vectors of the icons we frequently use.

Font Awesome for Desktop Applications

First, let’s see where we can find these icon fonts. Font Awesome, one of the icon fonts, is one of the most used icon fonts in the world. Now I will show you how we can download Font Awesome for desktop applications and use it in these programs.

First of all, I go to When you enter this page, click the Start button in the top menu you will see. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll see some options. If you want to use the Font Awesome project on your websites, you must continue by clicking the website link.

But for now, we will use Font Awesome for desktop applications. As stated here in the description, we can use Font Awesome in Figma, Illustrator or other graphic programs. Since Font Awesome is actually a font, you can use these icons wherever you can change the font.

Click on Desktop Applications link. On this page, let’s click the Start with the Fonts button and then start downloading the files below. When we entered the download link, we have two options here again. Since we are interested in the desktop part, we click the Free for Desktop button and let’s download the file, the font file to a folder on our computer or to the desktop. We can start this download process by clicking the Save button.

How to Install Font Files in Windows Easily

Since it is already a font file, it will not take up much space. I go into the zip file we opened, and you will see the OTF folder here. You will see three fonts in the OTF folder. These fonts may be more, but you may need to purchase them. So there are currently three fonts available in its free version. For example, OTF file named Brand is a font file containing only brand logos. We will use all three of them. First of all, I opened these files by double clicking on them and the screen like this will appear. By clicking to Install button, we ensure that this font file is automatically installed on our computer. I click the Install button. This font has been installed. I’m closing this window. Now, let’s do the same for the others. I open it and click the Install button. I close this and finally open the other font. Click the Install button and complete the installation of three font files on my computer. We can now close this window.

How to Use Font Awesome in Photoshop

After downloading the font file to our computer and installing the fonts in the zip file on our computer, let’s see how we can use it actively in our programs, such as Photoshop. We will try to use the fonts here as an example. Let’s think we want to make a search box in our designs. And for this, we will need a magnifying glass. I get the text tool on the left side. We can also use the shortcut. The letter T is text’s T and I’m going to write some text in the middle. Let’s write the letter A and capitalize it and center it. Let’s make it black so we can see it.

Our goal is to turn it into an icon using Font Awesome. We need to reach the page where we can see the icons on the Font Awesome website. You will see the icons menu again, in the menu at the top of this page. When we click on this link, we will see a page where we can search among the icons, in the the Font Awesome library. On this page Font Awesome has categorized its icons. Therefore you can look at the group fonts by examining this page. Look, here we see brand logos. We will use them shortly. Since we are currently looking for a magnifying glass icon on our page, I’m writing Magnify text here and the icons that I can use are listed. Let’s click on the icon I want to use, we need Glyph. This is on the right of this screen. When we hover over it, you will already see a text called Copy Glyph. I click on it first. This is copied when I click on it. I’ll show you how to use it in a moment.

Now, let’s move on to Photoshop again. I select my text and paste the icon here with Ctrl + V. When I paste this icon, you may encounter such an icon. This means that this font can not be found on Photoshop and many other graphic programs. We don’t currently use Font Awesome fonts. See, here is another font name. Now I’m changing this font name by clicking on it and typing Font Awesome here. Even if I type Font directly, the fonts I add appear in front of me. When we over it, I choose the font called Free Solid, and when I select it, I see the icon I just copied here.

How to Find Brand Logos for Photoshop

We shouldn’t forget to change the font after selecting the object you copied. Now let’s place a brand icon here. For example, let’s place a Facebook icon. Again, I click on Icons and at the bottom of this page, we just saw there is an option to show all brand icons. You can also click directly on these icons. Let’s take a look at all the brands to see what they have. As you can see, they have a wide range. You can easily use each of them. I want to use Facebook from here. Therefore, I can find the icons I want to find by searching the word Facebook directly. For example, let’s say I want to copy it. I click on it. I’m copying it by clicking on the Glyph icon here, going to Photoshop and pasting it. Hopefully it will come here, but what did we say? It is important that we choose the right font. It is now back to Myriad Pro again. But even if the previous font is selected, it will not appear here. Because we need to choose Brand font. I am typing again. See when I select Free Solid here, it won’t show up. When I choose the Brand font, I can see the Facebook logo here.

Another beauty of these fonts is this. Of course, since these are fonts, no matter how much you enlarge, there will be no deterioration. Just like vector files. I think the biggest advantage is that you can access these icons quickly. Of course, like standard fonts, you can change their colors as you wish or you can give effects such as shadow and stroke. It’s a library that I think you can save a lot of time when you need an icon for your own designs.

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