Activating WordPress Maintenance Mode with WP-CLI

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to activate WordPress Maintenance Mode using WP-CLI. I’ll also cover what maintenance mode is, when you should use it, and some best practices for using it on your WordPress site. 

What is WordPress Maintenance Mode?

Maintenance mode is a feature of WordPress that lets you disable access to your site while you work on it. This is useful if you need to make changes to your site that might take some time, or if you’re migrating your site to a new host. When activated, visitors to your site will see a message saying that the site is down for maintenance. They will not be able to access any of the content on your site. This will make your site inaccessible to visitors until the maintenance is complete.

Why do I need WordPress maintenance?

WordPress maintenance is a process that helps to keep your site running smoothly and efficiently. By regularly updating your software and plugins, you can reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and improve the performance of your site. In addition, regular maintenance can help to identify and fix any potential issues before they cause problems for your visitors.

If you’re a developer or sysadmin who manages WordPress sites, you know that there are times when you need to put a site into maintenance mode. This might be for updates, repairs, or other changes that need to be made.

Does WordPress have a maintenance mode?

Yes, WordPress has a maintenance mode. In order to enable this mode, you will need to edit your wp-config.php file and add the following line of code:

define('WP_MAINTENANCE_MODE', true);

Once you have added that line of code, save the file and upload it to your WordPress directory. Your site will now be in maintenance mode and only users with administrator privileges will be able to view it.

There are some more ways to activate maintenance mode in WordPress. The first way is to use a plugin, such as the WP Maintenance Mode plugin. The second way is to use the WP-CLI command line interface.

Using a plugin is the easiest way to activate maintenance mode. All you need to do is install and activate the plugin, and then go to the settings page and enable the mode. Once you are finished with your maintenance, you can simply disable the plugin and your site will be back online.

How to Activate Maintenance Mode with WP-CLI

WP-CLI method requires more steps, but it gives you more control over when maintenance mode is activated and deactivated. Moreover, you can do this without entering the administration panel of WordPress. Here’s how to activate WordPress maintenance mode without plugin.

First, you need to SSH into your server. Navigate to your WordPress installation directory. Then, you can enter the following command. You will see a message indicating that maintenance mode has been activated.

wp maintenance-mode activate

How to Deactivate Maintenance Mode with WP-CLI

If you need to deactivate Maintenance Mode for any reason, you can do so easily with WP-CLI. Just enter the following command to disable WordPress maintenance mode:

wp maintenance-mode deactivate

That’s all there is to it! a quick and easy guide on how to activate WordPress maintenance mode manually. This is a great tool to use if you’re doing some major updates on your site and don’t want any visitors to see the changes until they’re ready. So go ahead and give it a try on your own site.

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